Lesson Summary

This Halloween-themed lesson plan is a fun way to learn yoga poses!

Students will start by centering themselves and answering what their favorite part of Halloween is. They will then practice “Ghost Breath” and a Sun Salutation before transitioning into poses inspired by Halloween costumes.

Games like Freeze Dance and Yoga Sculpture will be played, and the lesson will conclude with Owl Breath and a visualization exercise to help students practice relaxation and mindfulness.

Bullet Points:
• Introduction and review of class rules
• Centering and answering favorite part of Halloween
• Pranayama with “Ghost Breath” and “Owl Breath”
• Warm up and Sun Salutation
• Transition and movement games with Halloween poses
• Cool Down with Angry Cat, Owl, and Pumpkin poses
• Visualization exercise with “magic carpet”
• Conclude with Namaste

Pretzel Kids Halloween Lesson Plan.pdf
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